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Water Trampoline

Rave Sports O-Zone Water Trampoline

This Rave Sports O-Zone option is just the trampoline. It is perfect for bouncing high into the water. It is made with 30-gague PVC and has welded seams. The jumping area is a five foot diameter bouncing platform. There is an inflatable platform for getting out of the water and onto the trampoline. It includes the anchor bag which can be filled with rocks or sand. It is made for a maximum of four children at a time.

Water Trampoline Anchor Connector

This optional water trampoline anchor connector helps you attach the anchor to the water trampoline. It is easy to attach and detach. This is a three part connecting system for Rave Sports inflatable trampolines. The attachment system allows it to move with the waves and wind. It includes a 6' shock cord, 15' Nylon Line, and yellow buoy marker.

Bongo 15-ft Water Trampoline

The Rave Sports Bongo 15' inflatable water trampoline is a 6 1/2 foot octagon inflatable jumper. The materials are 1000-denier, 22-oz PVC . It is made tough to withstand seasons of jumping and floating. The package includes a climb-up ladder. It is easy to set-up this portable swim and bounce platform. It can be used optionally with an Aqua Slide, purchased separately. This water trampoline is easy to move in and out of the water. It comes with a stainless steel ladder with stainless steel bars that have hand holds molded into each step. All seams on the Bongo are heat-welded and doubled at stress points.

Bongo 10-ft Water Trampoline

The Rave Sports octagonal 10' water trampoline is a fun floating swim platform. It can also be used on land. Since it has no metal parts, or springs the Bongo is easy to set up and use. It has two carrying handles that make it easy to get to the water and back to the car when the day is done. It is made with the same strong material that the Bongo 15' is constructed with. It has an included boarding ladder and repair kit. The jumping surface is six and a half feet octagonal platform.

Aquaglide Platinum Plunge Slide for Water Trampolines

Optional slide for water trampolines lets two people slide and splash into the water at the same time. This is an upgrade option for the Aquaglide bouncers and trampolines, sold separately. While it is designed to fit the Aquaglide, it can also be used with other water trampolines that have 35" to 40" tube diameters. This is a high quality water trampoline slide made with reinforced PVC fabric. It has a UV Block built into the material. The seams are sealed with the radio frequency weld process. The slide has heavy duty handles which are molded into the side for easy transportation and movement.