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Trampoline Pad

12' Round Standard Trampoline Pad

The standard trampoline pad is constructed as in a single-piece design. It is water resistant and has ultra violet protection built into the material. This is a heavy duty, high density trampoline pad made from polyethylene and padded with 3/4-inch high density closed cell foam. The width is 13" so there is no dangerous gap between the mat and the springs. There also is a 4" side skirt to dress up the appearance by concealing the frame and keeping the pad in position.

14' Round Standard Trampoline Pad

This 14 foot trampoline pad is 3/4 inch thick next to the frame, and 1/2" thick on the mat side. This safety feature offers additional protection on the side it is needed most. The mat is cold crack protected, meaning it resists cracking due to cold temperatures. The mat provides coverage for the springs and frame. The pad is intended for a trampoline frame diameter of 14 feet. The top coating material of this trampoline pad is a PVC-vinyl, while the bottom is a Polyethylene material. It is UV coated for durability in hot weather.

15' Frame, Round Standard Trampoline Pad

This is a medium sized trampoline pad designed to fit a 15' frame. It is 13 inches wide with three-quarter inch foam. The frame's skirt is 4 inches. The padding varies to become thicker near the frame from 1/2" at the trampoline side, to 3/4" over the frame. The covering material is a PVC-vinyl on top with a Polyethylene material on bottom. This size of trampoline pad is wide enough to cover any size springs.

JumpKing 10" Trampoline Pad

The 10 inch JumpKing trampoline pad is a half inch thick. It is covered with vinyl and designed to fit over the JumpKing frame to provide protection from the springs.