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Trampoline Enclosure

Trampoline enclosures prevent kids from accidentally jumping off the edge. They are an excellent injury-prevention measure. A trampoline enclosure is high enough to keep an inadvertent sideways jump from taking a child off the mat.

15 ft Trampoline Enclosure Net

This trampoline enclosure net fits a 15 foot frame using 4 poles. The poles are sold separately. The net's fabric inserts easily into the side poles. The net sections connect the enclosure caps into the enclosure poles. This includes a 15' enclosure net and ropes.

Pure Fun 14' Trampoline Enclosure

The 14' trampoline enclosure ensures a safer environment and hours of fun. It is a UV resistant mesh fabric with a rust resistant frame. The included elastic net straps allow easy attachment to your trampoline. The zipper closure makes it easy to get in and out of the trampoline.

Variflex 8' Trampoline Enclosure

The Variflex 8-Foot Trampoline Enclosure goes around the trampoline and is held in place with four poles. The mesh design reduces the chance you or your kids will fall over the side.

Trampoline Enclosure netting for 12' Orbounder™ Pod with 4 Poles (12ft Frame)

This is a G3 net enclosure for 12' trampolines. It includes ropes. It is made for use with the G3 Pole set. The fabric has inserts which allow the poles to slide into, making set up and tear down easy.

Trampoline Replacement Enclosure Pole Foam

This is a set of five foam enclosure poles, each 44 inches long. The foam poles are made to fit with existing enclosure poles. They add protection to the jumper by padding the enclosure poles.

Trampoline Enclosure Rope

The enclosure rope sections help secure the net to the poles and trampoline. this set contains eight enclosure rope sections and is made to fit Jumpking trampolines.

Trampoline 8 enclosure U-bolt Assemblys

This is a hardware assembly pack for trampoline enclosures. There are 8 U-bolts, 8 brackets, 16 lock nuts, and 16 rubber caps. The U-bolts are for connecting to the trampoline enclosure.

Upper Bounce 8 Pole Trampoline Enclosure Set with Sleeves on Pole, 13-Feet

This enclosure set has strong poles & high quality safety net providing the maximum safety for participants. The safety net lets the jumper have fun without hindering the view through the screen. It comes with a 13 ft net, 8 poles, 8 pole foam sleeves for protection, 16 figur-eight pole clamps, frames and leg stands.

Pure Fun 8' Trampoline and Trampoline Enclosure Set

This is an 8' trampoline and enclosure combination set. It has 48 springs sustaining the trampoline. There is a trampoline jump pad covering the springs to help reduce injury. The frame is made with galvanized iron steel tubing. It is easy to assemble and does not require any tools. The weight capacity is 175-pound maximum.