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Mini Trampolines for Exercise and Fitness

A mini trampoline is the single-person trampoline used for exercise and fitness. Mini trampolines are the best size for single use exercise trampolines for several reasons. They are easy to store, set up and take down. They provide the right amount of bounce for exercise. While large trampolines give an exceptional workout, the mini trampoline also gives an excellent workout without the huge set up, space requirement or expense. Fitness on mini trampolines is very enjoyable. Time seems to pass quickly while exercising on a mini trampoline and before you know it, 20 or 30 minutes have passed.

Bouncing has a positive effect on the body's lymph system, here's why: In a nutshell the lymphatic system is helped by motion. This system is important to the body because it helps the immune system function properly.  It removes fluid, waste, dead cells, pathogens, cancer cells, and toxins, while at the same time it deliver nutrients, oxygen and hormones to the body's cells. Additionally, some protein molecules are too large to be carried away through capillaries. The lymph system is the only way to remove these proteins. The lymph system does not have a pump system like the heart in the circulatory system. The lymphatic vessels have one-way valves to prevent any backward flow. For fluid to move through the lymph system there must be motion and on/off pressure. Even a mild bouncing on a mini trampoline has a positive and helpful effect on the lymph system's ability to carry and move fluids through the body. Here is an excellent explanation to help with the understanding of the lymphatic system.

Small sized trampolines are not expensive. They are an excellent investment by comparison to a weight machine, and their value to the body by many accounts is considerably better. People of all ages can participate, literally from very small children to the elderly. It is common and easy to find a single person mini trampoline with a stabilizing bar.

Popular smaller sized and mini trampolines

Stamina InTone Jogger 38 inch Mini Trampoline

With this small trampoline you will get healthy, progressive cardio in the privacy of your home. Get the beneficial effects of  thrust, inertia, and gravity from this exerciser. You can effectively improve your cardiovascular health through a mini trampoline workout. This package includes a workout video and a removable handle bar for stability. The Stamina InTone is built with an all-steel construction frame. Easy to disassemble and store under a bed or in a closet.

Stamina 38 inch 4-Way Folding Mini Trampoline

The Spring Resistance Folding Mini Trampoline gives you the capability to have a progressive aerobic exercise program in the privacy of your home. It has a 38" diameter, all steel frame construction and folds easily to fit under the bed. It has six detachable rubber tipped legs to make it even smaller sized. This 4-way folding mini trampoline has a high 250 pound weight capacity.

Pure Fun 40" Mini Trampoline

This small exercise trampoline is perfect for people who need a low-impact fitness routines. It is built with steel legs and tough polypropylene jumping surface. It comes with a padded skirt to drape over the steel springs. The legs unscrew for easy storage. The weight capacity of this mini trampoline is 220 pounds. It has a 40 inch diameter jumping surface.

Pure Fun 44" Mini Trampoline

The Pure Fun 44" mini trampoline has steel legs and a strong polypropylene jumping surface. The heavy-duty steel springs are concealed with an attractive padded skirt covers. These legs also unscrew for easy storage.