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Vermont Skydiving Locations


Malone Parachute Club
Franklin County State Airport- 629 Airport Rd., Swanton, Vermont 05488
(802) 868-0614
Malone Parachute Club
Located at Franklin County State Airport in Swanton. This is a club which provides tandem and static line for people wanting to experience skydiving. They also offer club prices and benefits to members with license.

West Addision

Vermont Skydiving Adventures
4369 Route 17, West Addision, Vermont 05491
(802) 759 - 3483
Vermont Skydiving Adventures
Offers tandem skydiving, advanced freefall training, and static line jumping. Operates a Super Cessna 205 carrying 5 jumpers at a time. For experienced jumpers they offer rigging services including reserve repacks and minor gear repair.