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Pennsylvania Skydiving Locations


Chambersburg Skydiving Center, Inc.
3506 Airport Rd., Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201
(800) 526-3497
Chambersburg Skydiving Center, Inc.
Serves Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. or Northern Virginia. Offers tandem, static line, AFF and IAD. AFF is accelerated free fall program, and IAD is essentially static line where by the jumper climbs out of the aircraft under the supervision of the instructor and when they jump the parachute is pulled open by the static line.


Pennsylvania Skydiving Center
200 Old Airport Road, Hazleton, Pennsylvania 18202
(570)-788-2476 or toll free at 1-888-654-7529 (PLAY)
Pennsylvania Skydiving Center
Tandem skydiving for first time experience.


Maytown Sport Parachute Club
188 Airport Drive, Marietta, Pennsylvania 17547
(717) 653-0422
Maytown Sport Parachute Club
This is a parachute club. They own 2 Cessna 182 aircraft. Operates from the Donegal Springs Airport. Serves Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Baltimore and Washington DC. Offers solo, tandem, and programs for experienced.


Skydive Pennsylvania
496 Old Ash Road, Mercer, Pennsylvania 16137
Skydive Pennsylvania
Provides tandem, and Instructor Assisted Freefall. Tandem gets you going in about one hour of instruction.


Skydive Happy Valley
540 Airport Road, Reedsville, PA 17084
(866) 258-7597
Skydive Happy Valley
Located at the Mifflin County Airport, near Lewistown, serving Central Pennsylvania. Offers tandem and instructor assisted deployment for first time jumpers. Also has programs and rates for experienced skydivers.


Freefall Oz Skydiving Center
296 Falkner Road, Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania 16748
(716) 378-2211
Freefall Oz Skydiving Center
Offers tandem, which is an excellent introduction giving the full experience of the sport. Also provides full student courses, video packages, and bed & breakfast accommodations.


Endless Mountain Skydivers
17 Runway Road, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania 18657
Endless Mountain Skydivers
Operates a twin-engine plane out of the Skyhaven Airport and can accommodate groups. Offers tandem, learn to solo program, and rates for experienced skydivers.