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Kansas State University Parachute Club
Abilene, Kansas 67410
(785) 655-0066 (Voicemail only)
Kansas State University Parachute Club
From Manhattan on highway 18, continue west on I-70 to exit 275, head south into Abilene on Buckeye Ave. Skydving club with the university. Jumps at the Abilene Municipal Airport. Offers students the opportunity for 1st Skydive experience with the static Line or tandem. Also has prices for experienced skydivers with proof of license and packing currency.


Air Capital Drop Zone
Cook Air Field; 7015 S 143rd East, Wichita, Kansas 67037
Air Capital Drop Zone
Located at the corner of 143rd East and 71st South on Cook Air Field. Offers tandem skydiving, and solo folowing First Jump Ground School. For solo, participants leave the airplane solo, then an instructor is joined in freefall for the the instructor assisted chute deployment.

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