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Accelerated Free Fall Iowa
424 Corporal Roger Snedden Dr, Boone, Iowa 50036
(515) 291 - 4510
Accelerated Free Fall Iowa
Has Accelerated Free Fall, tandem and programs for experienced skydivers.


Skydive Iowa
1922 US Hwy 6, Brooklyn, Iowa 52211
(641) 522 - JUMP (5867)
Skydive Iowa
Skydiver owned and operated. Provides tandem skydiving for beginners. All tandem and student rigs have the Automatic Activation Device which deploys the parachute if the minimum altitude is breached.


The Des Moines Skydivers
3405 North 8th Street, Winterset, Iowa 50273
(515) 243-1711
The Des Moines Skydivers
Tandem, AFF and experienced jumpers. Operates from the Winterset airport. Has a large hangar with padded carpet for packing with climate controlled packing loft. skydivers can sleep in the hanger if they have no place to stay, which is equipped with bathrooms and showers.

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