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Illinois Skydiving Locations


Parachutes Over Carmi, Inc. (AAA Skydiving)
Carmi Municipal Airport- County Road 1500 North, Carmi, Illinois 62821
(866) POC-JUMP, (618) 382-8921
Parachutes Over Carmi, Inc. (AAA Skydiving)
(on Airport Road) A family owned business offering personalized skydiving instruction. They also own the airport, making the experience user friendly for both the skydivers and the pilots. Skydiving training programs include static line and tandem Skydiving.


Illinois Skydiving Center
1962 County Road 2500N, Flatville, Illinois 61878
(217) 841-8881
Illinois Skydiving Center
Offers tandem and static line jumping. Also has accelerated freefall program where you jump with your own parachute. AFF requires 5 static line jumps and 3 satisfactory practice ripcord pulls. Operates from the Schmidt Airport.


Quad City Skydiving Center
20028 East 1650th Street, Geneseo, Illinois 61254
(309) 944-0363 or (309) 269-7535
Quad City Skydiving Center
Operates from the Gen-Airpark providing tandem, static line, AFF and licensing. The static line jump will automatically deploy your parachute and give you 4 to 5 minute ride. The AFF jump is done with two instructors.


Illinois Valley Parachute Club
Mackinaw Road, Minier, Illinois 61759
Illinois Valley Parachute Club
Student courses are offered monthly. Experienced skydivers present a current USPA membership and logbook.


Skydive Chicago
3215 E 1969th Rd, Ottawa, Illinois 61350
815 433 0000
Skydive Chicago
Provides skydiving for first time jumpers, students and experienced skydivers. Impressive facilities such as cabins, camping, RV hook-ups, shower house, swimming, volleyball and bar.


Mid-America Sport Parachute Club
Taylorville Municipal Airport- 1501 S. Spresser, Taylorville, Illinois 62568
(217) 824-JUMP [5867]
Mid-America Sport Parachute Club
Operates as a not-for-profit skydiving club at the Taylorville Municipal Airport providing Tandem, AFF, and IAD skydiving. Serves Springfield, St. Louis, Champaign, and Decatur.