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Georgia Skydiving Locations

Atlanta Skydiving Center
Airport Rd- Rockmart, Georgia 30153
770-684-DIVE (3483) or 1-800-607-JUMP (5867)
Atlanta Skydiving Center
Located at the Cornelius-Moore Airport, the Atlanta Skydiving Center offers Tandem Skydiving and Advanced Freefall, (AFF), and certification and . Tandem jumps give you a 70 second freefall. The canopy ride is 7 to 9 minutes and you will be allowed to steer the parachute through turns and other maneuvers. For the AFF, a training class is held which is about 6 hours long, teaching you the fundamentals of skydiving. They have a 5,000 square foot packing area, caf´┐Ż and even a Bunk House if you need a place to sleep.

493 Airport Road

Skydive Georgia
Polk County Airport- Cornelius Moore Field, 493 Airport Road, Cedartown, Georgia 30125
(404) 214-2040
Skydive Georgia
Skydiving from 14,000 feet. Training is done in a large 9,000 square foot indoor climate controlled facility, plus there is a 2,400 sf observation deck for friends and family. Uses state of the art equipment such as Zero Porosity, main canopies, digital altimeters... 5,000 square foot padded packing area and a bunk house if you need a place to sleep. Tandem and AFF, plus skydiving school, and fun jumping for experiences.


Skydive Monroe
Monroe Walton County Airport- 535 Towler Street, Monroe, Georgia 30655
(770) 207-1122
Skydive Monroe
Tandem skydiving, and a learn to skydive program. Also has programs for experienced skydivers. Located 40 miles east of Atlanta.


Skydive The Farm
1195 Grady Road, Rockmart, Georgia 30153
(404) 295-5000
Skydive The Farm
Skydive the Farm is actually located on a 55 acre farm. They offer a First Jump Course and Canopy Control classrooms. They also have Wireless Internet access, open camping and a bunk house. The services are Tandem, AFF and experienced skydiving.


The Jumping Place
601 Airport Boulevard, Statesboro, Georgia 30461
(912) 322-7282
The Jumping Place
Central location in Statesboro gives good access from a variety of locations. Offers tandem, videos, first jump programs, AFF. For experience skydivers they have rigging service, excellent views of the coast, and fast and turn times.


Skydive Atlanta
2333 Delray Rd, Thomaston, Georgia 30286
1.800.950.JUMP (5867)
Skydive Atlanta
Operating from the Thomaston Upson County Airport. Offers tandem, AFF, and fun jumps for experienced skydivers. Training aids include a accurate aircraft mock-up, with air conditioned classrooma.