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Connecticut Skydiving Locations


Connecticut Parachutists, Inc.
Ellington Airport- 360 Somers Rd., Ellington, Connecticut 06029
(860) 871-0021, (800) JUMPTIX (800-586-7849)
Connecticut Parachutists, Inc.
(Route 83) Jump from two miles high and freefall at 120 mph. Located 15 minutes north of Hartford. Offers first-time skydives, training for people seeking their USPA 'A' License, and fun jumping for experienced skydivers. Also offers accelerated freefall offering solo freefall time from 45 to 60 seconds.


Boston Hartford FunSkydiving
Danielson Airport- 41 Airport Road, Killingly, Connecticut 06241
(203) 302-5867
Boston Hartford FunSkydiving
Located 1 Hr from Boston, MA - 40 min from Hartford, CT. Customers can be ready for their first jump in just 20 minutes after arrival. Offers tandem and freefall. The freefall program is a Tunnel/Accelerated Freefall (TAFF) using a WindTunnel with an instructor to quickly teach the fundamentals of freefall.