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Colorado Skydiving Locations

Out of the Blue Skydiving
Fremont County Airport- 60298 US Hwy. 50 E; Penrose, Colorado 81240-9517
(719) 784.1166
Out of the Blue Skydiving
Offers tandem and fun jumping. FOr tandem the customer is partnered with a USPA-rated tandem instructor for the entire process. Ground instruction is quick, about 10 minutes. The skydiving is from 15,900 feet above sea level. Located near the Arkansas River and Royal Gorge for excellent scenic views.


Roaring Fork Skydivers
3335 Airport Road, Boulder, Colorado 80301
(720) 295-3483
Roaring Fork Skydivers
Offers skydiving for the Denver Metro area and surrounding cities. Offers tandem, skydiving training, and fun jumping for the experienced skydiver.

Colorado Springs

High Sky Adventures Parachute Club
4413 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918
(719) 598-5867
High Sky Adventures Parachute Club
First time tandem skydiving includes all equipment, training and jumpmaster assistance. Follows standards set by United States Parachute Association (USPA). Equipment is state-of-the-art square parachutes radio.

Fort Morgan

Skydive Empire
Fort Morgan Municipal Airport- 23101 Hwy 52, Fort Morgan, Colorado 80701
(303) 630-9244
Skydive Empire
Skydiving training, first time, tandem - catering to skydivers of all levels. Accommodates many disciplines of skydiving, including Freeflying, RW, Wingsuits, CRW, and Swooping. The aircraft is a King Air turbo-prop. Jumping is from 13,000 feet above ground for views of the Rocky Mountains, Empire Reservoir, and the Platte River Valley.


Mile-Hi Skydiving Center
229 Airport Road, Longmont, Colorado 80503
(303) 759-3483
Mile-Hi Skydiving Center
Full-time skydiving serving the Denver area. Operates with twin engine jet-prop aircraft giving them the capability of providing hundreds of jumps per day. Offers training and first time jumps as well as tandem.


Skydive Colorado
Fremont County Airport- 60298 US Highway 50, Penrose, Colorado 81240
(719) 289-5867, 1-877-2-SKYJUMP
Skydive Colorado
Tandem and sport skydiving. Tandem is a 30 Second Freefall. Also offers static line course and jump after doing a tandem.