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Inflatable Bouncers

Little Tikes Inflatable Bounce House

This inflatable bouncer is soft and safe for kids. It gives a trampoline-like bounce from its play area. It is enclosed by inflated bouncer walls to keep the children safely inside. There are stabilizing water bladders on each side. This keeps it from tipping. The container dimensions are 20" x 14" x 14" height. The recommended combined weight limit should not exceed 70 pounds.

Blast Zone Quantum Leap Inflatable Bouncers

The quantum leap Moonwalk is one of the all time favorite inflatable bouncers. It has an enormous jump floor and can house up to five kids at the same time, all jumping together. It is the perfect party attraction. The jumping area measures 12' x 12' x 7'. It is big area for kids to play in, but easy to store, easy to move and provides hours of fun. There is a safety netting that completely encloses all sides of the bouncer. This is designed for strength and durability, made of interwoven oxford cloth, with an inner air membrane for support. The blower pumps air into the bouncer, keeping it inflated. Turn the blower off and the house deflates and easily rolls or folds into its case. The package contains an inflatable bouncer, blower, a carrying case, stakes for the blower and bouncer.

Blast Zone Little Bopper Inflatable Bouncer

This is a compact inflatable bouncer that is great to help children develop their coordination, balance and motor skills. Best of all, kids love it, and use it for hours of high energy play. The entire bounce area is enclosed by safety netting. It fits easily in small spaces for storage. You can make this into a ball pit simply by adding optional air balls. The Little Bopper inflatable bouncer is inflated using a continuous airflow blower. The X-Weave materials make it very bouncy and durable. This is extremely easy to set up and move. It inflates in under 1 minute.

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bounce House

This is a bounce house, slide, water play area and ball pit play center. This inflatable play and bouncy palace can be used wet or dry, which makes it very versatile during hot weather. In summer, hook up the hose to the included sprayers. When the weather cools off, the bounce house can be moved indoors. There is netting to enclose the bouncy house to keep kids playing safely. The blower runs continuously to keep the bouncer inflated. When it is time to take it down, just turn off the blower.

Blast Zone Superstar Inflatable Bouncer

This bouncer is large. It is great for parties, special events and all kinds of get togethers. It can handle five kids at a time. The floor is 13' x 13'. It is easy to store, easy to move, and fun to use. Parents love the Blast Zone because it is safe, and keeps the kids entertained. The inflatable bouncer is made of top-quality fabric with an inner air membrane. The blower continually pumps air into the bouncer keeping it inflated.

Little Tikes Super Spiral Inflatable Bouncer

This inflatable bouncer is full of entertaining features and helps children develop coordination, balance and motor development. It is large, at 14 1/2 x 11 x 10 feet dimensions. The Super Spiral Inflatable Bouncer includes a hoop and ball, and a rock climbing wall. It has a large padded jumping area for burning calories. It is made from a puncture-resistant material and uses a durable mesh netting. The blower is heavy duty and easily capable of providing a continuous airflow with full capacity of 330 pounds.

Blast Zone Ball Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer

This inflatable bouncer is a 3 in 1 bounce house, ball pit and slide. This inflatable bouncer entertains kids whether they are jumping, playing in the ball pit or sliding. The Ball Kingdom can accommodate up to 5 kids. The bouncer's floor is made of commercial-grade material the same as the heavy duty rental bouncers. The blower will inflate the bouncer in under 2 minutes

Blast Zone Princess Castle Inflatable Bouncer

This is great for parties, sleepovers, and backyard play, indoor fun and much more. The Princess Dreamland Inflatable Bouncer inflates in one minute. The slope slide is safe and has easy access for kids. There is surrounding netting with a Velcro entrance closure. This Inflatable bouncer is designed with extra high walls and netting that is a full 60 inch from the bounce platform. The princess graphics are beautiful, high quality designs that kids will love.

Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

This inflatable bouncer inflates in under a minute. It is capable of holding three kids at a time, ages 3 to 8,  or a maximum of 300 pounds. The Magic Castle inflatable bouncer is tall enough so kids can play safely, but low enough to be used indoors. Netting is in place surrounding the bouncer so kids will not fall out. To set up the bouncer, unroll it, hook up the tube to the blower, turn it on and stake it down.

Triangle Freestanding Inflatable Bouncer

The Triangle Bouncer gives kids plenty of room to bounce and exit by going down the large slide. This bouncer has a storage pocket for shoes located on the outside wall. It is made for ages 6 and up. It has puncture-resistant material with durable mesh netting. Kids can get out of the bouncer by sliding down the extra wide slide in the front.