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Bouncy Castle

A bouncy castle is wonderful fun for a group or party of kids. The castles are big enough for several children to be inside at the same time, jumping and playing, while the inflated walls protect and keep them from falling out. Kids love bouncy castles!

Blast Zone Ball Kingdom Inflatable Bouncy Castle

The Kingdom Jump Castle has a commercial grade bounce floor and a slide where children can plunge into a landing area full of soft balls. This bouncy castle lets your children and their guests jump and bounc to release all that "kid energy". They bounce their way out of the castle and into the moat to play and pretend-swim in the soft inflated balls. The Ball Kingdom bouncy castle can handle up to 5 kids with a weight of 100 pounds each. -- 3 in the bouncy castle and  2 in the moat of balls. This castle is built tough, made to withstand lots of bouncing and play. It comes with a bouncer, a slide and an inflatable area to hold balls. Kids can take the balls out of the moat and play with them on the lawn or invent games with them. The floor of the inflatable bouncy castle is made of commercial-grade material for exceptional durability.  For set-up, the blower will inflate the castle in less than two minutes. Unroll the product, connect the inflation tube to the blower and turn it on. The blower keeps pressure in the castle while children play and bounce. Pack-up and clean-up is very easy, just turn the blower off and it deflates. It can then be folded or rolled into a compact size. There is an included storage box for easy transportation. The Blast Zone Ball Kingdom Inflatable Bouncy Castle comes with the inflatable castle, a blower unit and carrying case, safety netting and fastening stakes for both the blower and bouncy castle. The outer dimensions are 15' x 9' x 9' when inflated, and the interior floor of the castle is 8' x 8'.

Blast Zone Princess Inflatable Bouncy Castle

This bouncy castle is a fairytale princes castle. The Princess Dreamland Bouncy Castle is perfect for parties, overnights, play time and family gatherings. This bouncy castle sets up very quickly, it inflates with a blower in about a minute. It is capable of holding three children at once, or a maximum of 300 pounds. This bouncy castle is designed for kids ages 3 to 8. Kids will be captivated by its beautiful appearance and graphics with the princess/castle theme. There is an included slide that is safe exit from the bouncy area. The bounce area itself is has a 60 inch high net which surrounds the play area keeping kids from accidentally jumping out. The entrance has a Velcro closure which helps keep kids inside if they land or bounce against the entrance. The floor is very durable commercial grade with reinforced seams. It uses a UL-approved blower to keep the castle inflated while kids play.  It can fit into small areas like a kids room, or garage, or deck for efficient use of space for play time. The footprint is 102" by 100". The inside dimensions are 78" by 76".The shipping weight is 44 pounds.

Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene

The size when inflated is 68-1/2-inch by 68-1/2-inch by 44-inches. It has a reinforcing net surrounding the sides with a mesh door and velcro closure. Great price and size for backyard and patio play. Keeps kids ages 36 months to 6 years engaged and entertained. The Intex Playhouse Jump-O-Lene bounce house can easily be repaired if punctured and comes with a repair patch. It does not come with a pump. It does not require an air blower. This is designed to be inflated once and hold air, unlike larger bounce houses which require continuous airflow from a blower. It can be inflated with an air mattress pump (not included).

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